WalkOVR is a VR Motion Platform that enhances your virtual reality experience by providing you an infinite space to move on a high-frictional flat surface and projecting your actions such as walking, running, rotating, crouching and jumping into virtual reality. We are still an early-phase startup, trying to finalize our product, tailored to fit your needs perfectly.

Either be it gaming, fitness, sports… WalkOVR is there to enhance your immersive experience. Some examples: (but not limited to):

    • play Battlefield with your friends
    • take a stroll around rain forests
    • work out with friends in you favorite gym/location
    • play football with friends after work


and so many more. The only limit will be your imagination.

With WalkOVR, you can in Virtual Reality.

Move freely as you like

It's time to throw away old controllers such as keyboard, mouse or gamepad. WalkOVR lets VR gamers use their own body like an input device for VR games/applications and lets them walk, run, rotate, crouch and jump freely for the most immersive experience.

Lightweight - Designed for your home

WalkOVR is specifically designed for you needs by users/gamers just like you. That means, we will be able to deliver you the WalkOVR quickly after your purchase and you will be able to mount/demount it within a few minutes thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

Just Plug & Ready to Play

Do you already have an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive or a Google Daydream?.. No problem at all. WalkOVR, with its built-in bluetooth HID function, is designed to be fully compatible with widely used VR headsets on the market.

Walk as natural as you do everyday

The walking surface of WalkOVR is designed with high friction material in order to maximize the feeling of a natural walk instead of a low friction material on which you would be practically ice-skating.

Let the platform adapt to you

The mechanical platform of WalkOVR is designed to adapt to all your movements instantaneously without blocking you at all in order to ensure the most immersive experience while keeping you safe. No hassle...

Expect the high performance

Technologies such as Bluetooth 4.0 LE have been empowering WalkOVR to be able to provide you the high performance, low delay VR experiences with low power consumption. With less than 5 ms delay, you are ensured to enjoy a smooth VR experience.

It is time to take control and start using your own body for the enhanced and the most immersive VR experiences. Thus, we present you WalkOVR which lets you move freely within an unlimited space and projects your body movements such as walking, running, rotating, crouching and jumping into Virtual Reality.

Get in Touch

We always love to hear from fellow gamers, VR enthusiasts, tech geeks and users… Feel free to drop in or send us an email.


Istanbul Office

Address WalkOVR, Resitpasa, Koru Yolu ARI 3 Binası 204/B, 34469 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey

Email info@walkovr.com

Hamburg Office

Address WalkOVR, 22761, Bahrenfeld/Hamburg, Germany

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