Functional, practical, affordable
move in place suit for Virtual Reality

WalkOVR Is Affordable & Wearable Motion Capture Solution That Transforms Your Physical Body Movements Into Virtual Reality.

When You Walk Or Run In Place With WalkOVR, You Walk Or Run In Virtual Reality Based Games. Strafing, Moving Backwards And Jumping Is Also Available.


Motion Capture

5 Built-in sensor sets capture your main body movements precisely and transform them into game movements.

WalkOVR Provides:

  • Onboard Motion Control Algorithm
  • Real-time transformation of physical movements into Virtual Reality
  • SteamVR integration for Windows systems
  • Bluetooth connection,

You break down the limits of room scale VR and get an unlimited in-game environment to move.

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High Performance & Long Gameplay

Active VR experience with motion capture and high performance. Up to 4 hours of physical gaming.

Wireless to your PC

We made it wireless, and we made it Bluetooth. We designed it for gamers' comfort. Hassle-free setup, more convenience. Plug & Play.

Extended Game Compatibility

Native VR or 3D stereoscopic games. WalkOVR designed for all VR Modes, for all games developed today or in the future.


Active Virtual Reality

Walk, Run; forward, backward. Strafe and even Jump in Virtual Reality, but with your physical body.

Easy Straps

You don't need to wear tights with WalkOVR. Just strap the nodes on your body, and get into play. It takes less than a minute to suit up.

like Vive trackers

Using WalkOVR is like using 5 Vive trackers at once, however WalkOVR is more compact, cost-efficient and for your everyday games.


Plug & Play

WalkOVR is compatible with locomotion supported top steam VR titles such as Arizona Sunshine, Doom VFR or Fallout 4 VR. Do you want to play Onward with your legs? Fine. Check the whole list of games WalkOVR is compatible and watch available gameplay videos.

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OVR Portal

OVR Portal is the software that handles everything related to your active VR experience. It recognizes WalkOVR compatible games in your steam library, lists them and automatically adjusts main configuration parameters per game.

All you need to do is adjusting sensitivity levels according to your need. Then, you can monitor how much you played actively, and even how many calories you've burned.

User interface images may change due to the ongoing development of OVR Portal.

Use your physical body to walk around in Virtual Reality.
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Package details

1 Main Hub + 4 Wearable nodes
Strap bands
Patch cables
Charging cable
OVR Portal Software for Windows
User manual

100 x 100 x 60 mm
220 gr.

$ 199.00

Estimated Time of Delivery is December 15, 2018
Please see Pre-Order Terms and Conditions for more info.


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