OVR Portal, User Manual and Support


OVR Portal v1.5.3

with system logging, feedback mechanism, analog and treadmill walking updates as well as some minor bug fixes

WalkOVR users can now use Valve Index after SteamVR button mapping
Half Life Alyx tested and verified on Vive, Rift, Rift S and Quest (with Virtual Desktop, ALVR or with Oculus Link)

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Please check out WalkOVR User Manual before jumping into gaming.
User manual was updated according to v1.5.2 and FW v.9xx versions.
Please read user manual to understand the mode selection and Native VR connection.

email for Support

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You can directly ask your question here on this page, through chat.
Or, you can write an email to our support team through support@walkovr.com .

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User manual and how-to videos will all be updated accordingly soon.

WalkOVR Keyboard Mode Setup

WalkOVR Gamepad Mode Setup

Suiting Up WalkOVR

WalkOVR Calibration

Quick Testing Connectivity & Functions

WalkOVR Sensitivity Parameters