Frequently Asked Questions

I can't change WalkOVR mode
Mode changes only available if WalkOVR is not connected to somewhere. Therefore you need to unpair WalkOVR first. You can easily understand this by looking at the green LED on the WalkOVR. If the green led is stable lit then, clicking mode button is not available. 
Is there any easy way to test WalkOVR before wearing it
This was a question one of our backers asked and we created a video where we test the compatibility of WalkOVR with Oculus Link playing Arizona Sunshine. You can find the test video here, our approach is generally testing the main node only rather than fully wearing all of them:
WalkOVR Doesn't work in VRChat
For some reason that we are investigating VRChat users should follow the below steps to use it with their headset:
I received my WalkOVR but can't connect to OVR Portal
First of all please be sure that you are using a bluetooth dongle and the extension cable we provided within your package.
Besides, we usually see this problem when our users mix the modes. Be sure that you are in native VR mode otherwise in keyboard or gamepad modes you can't connect to OVR Portal.
Click here to learn more about modes
Click here to read our user manual
Please switch to native VR mode, to do that,
- exit OVR portal, exit steamVR and unpair WalkOVR.
- click mode button until you see the blue led on the device blinks too fast like 3 times in 1 second.
- then pair WalkOVR, start SteamVR, start OVR Portal and click connect.
- your WalkOVR should be connected in a few seconds if you only have WalkOVR connected to your PC.
If it still doesn't connect, please be sure that you don't have a second bluetooth card in your PC case or on your motherboard so WalkOVR may attempt to connect to that device. As stated in our user manual internal bluetooth radio is not healthy for data heavy transmission of WalkOVR. To test it,
- go to Device manager
- find your internal bluetooth device, right click on it and disable
- pair WalkOVR now, it should be paired with the bluetooth dongle now
- test connectivity
- after you connect your WalkOVR once, as long as you don't unpair your WalkOVR it should be connected to same bluetooth radio, so you can enable your internal bluetooth card again.
I received my WalkOVR but OVR Portal keeps crashing
OVR Portal works with SteamVR therefore expects SteamVR to be running, otherwise it closes automatically after a while.
General start procedure is like this:
  • First pair your WalkOVR in NativeVR mode through Bluetooth
  • Then, start SteamVR
  • Then start OVR Portal and click connect.
In some cases WalkOVR may not connect quickly if you have many devices connected to your PC. Please wait a couple of minutes to be sure.
If still doesn't connect please exit OVR Portal and restart to try.
If you still face a problem contact us through

What is WalkOVR?
WalkOVR is a 6DOF based wearable motion system that using motion capture algorithms and lets you move in place to move in your Virtual reality based games and applications. 
Which games are WalkOVR compatible with?
Currently tested and validated more than 25 games including AAA VR Titles such as Skyrim VR, Arizona Sunshine, Fallout 4 VR, Raw Data, GORN and so on. Beside with its additional modes like Keyboard and Gamepad, VR Gamers have the ability to play in different headsets. Please check our games page for further info and gaming videos.
Which VR HMDs is WalkOVR compatible with?
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Rift S (via steamVR), Oculus GO (via gamepad mode), PSVR (via CronusMax and keyboard mode), Windows MR (via SteamVR), GearVR (via gamepad mode), Classic Cardboards (via gamepad mode)
Would this system help relieve the occasional simulator sickness?
Yes, according to our beta testers WalkOVR decreased their motion sickness to 2.9 from 7 over 10 points.

Why cables?

WalkOVR is developed to be a motion capture system in the future. It is extandable and some of the enthusiasts will be able to use several WalkOVRs by combining them into each other to have an affordable mocap system. Such a system is different than a simple step counter, since it needs real time functionality we can't count on wireless systems. Besides, having a fully wireless systems have certain user experience defects for VR enthusiasts, you need to charge every single device, simultaneously. Currently, we find wired solution more feasible and cost effective than wireless.
I manage a gaming/entertainment center, how may I contact you?
You may contact us through or
Would you be able to make your product compatible with non-vr games played in VR using Vorpx? For example in alien isolation played in vr?
Yes, WalkOVR has keyboard mode so you are able to play WASD based games you can play with any 3D stereoscopic converters such as VorpX. Check our games page here.
is there any upcoming updates on the games list?
WalkOVR is designed to be plug & play. Therefore any new game that supports free locomotion should be playable via WalkOVR. With all that said, WalkOVR is still under development and there are a few conflicts with different games while playing in specific headsets. Therefore we strongly recommend to check our games page here.
My PC is not next to my PSVR, how can I use CronusMax if I need it connected to my PC?
We provide 5 meters extension cable for CronusMax plus. Just pledge additional $20 for that cable and we'll ship it with your WalkOVR.
Are there any minimum requirements?
WalkOVR works on any VR Compatible desktops/laptops as long as Windows 10 OS is used to play VR. We will investigate other OS in the future if the community needs that.
What makes WalkOVR special?
Well many things. We try to make WalkOVR %100 compatible with all headsets and we already validated many games with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows MR, Oculus GO, Gear VR, and even Playstation VR. But most importantly WalkOVR decreases motion sickness a lot because it lets you move naturally.
It is based on motion capture algorithms and planned to be a mocap system for many. Today you will be able to use it for locomotion purposes, tomorrow you will be able to use WalkOVR as a motion capture suit and you will even be able to combine multiple nodes or WalkOVRs to extend the functionality of motion capture suit.

What is included in the package?
1 Base Node and 4 Small Nodes for your Body, Knees and Ankles. Plus patch cables, charging cable, user manual and OVR Portal client software.
Does it support PlayStation VR?
Yes, currently through converters such as Cronus Max (verified, please see the video instructions prepared) or Titan II (not tested) . We are planning to release a USB hub for the ability to play without any third party converter.
Do you have your own SDK? Which game development engines are supported?
Currently it is under development. Our focus was more on the plug and play feature rather than SDK development because our first priority was providing WalkOVR experience to anybody with regular VR games. But both Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs will be released in late 2019/early 2020 and both will support WalkOVR full body tracking.
What else can I use WalkOVR with?
Well, WalkOVR was originally designed as a mocap suit for our own ODT solution but then planned to be a mocap based stand alone motion controller for existing VR games. In the close future you will be able to use WalkOVR as a full body motion capture suit, either with its current 5 nodes system or by extending it with additional nodes or with connecting additional WalkOVR sets. 
How does strafing work?
You simple tilt your upper body to backwards and sides. Standard Deadzone approach works also here, you will be able to set how much space you need to use your body without strafing or how quickly you strafe by arranging your sensitivity.
Can I still use play area?
Yes, based on the sensitivity you set, you keep using your play area for slight positional changes where moving place may cause larger movements as in your controller.
Can I bend?
Yes, you are easily bend to get a clip from the floor to reload your gun. Please check our homepage, you'll see how bending works in Pavlov VR.
I noticed a slight delay at times between physical movement and ingame movement, is this more a side affect of it showing on the monitor or do you experience it in the hmd?
It is totally because of the side effect of showing on the monitor. Otherwise you quickly understand from the gamer if the person feels such a delay. WalkOVR completes all algorithmic and transmission process under 15 ms.
I am a desktop user. Do I need a Bluetooth Dongle?
How much should WalkOVR cost?
WalkOVR MSRP is planned to be $249. Kickstarter special price is $199.
Do you think that it can be used for an affordable full body tracking?
WalkOVR is planned to function as a modular body tracking solution that VR users can play VR Chat like games or an indie game developer can connect two WalkOVR systems for a 10 node full body tracking.
However, it should be clearly stated that it is not like a system based on external sensors; WalkOVR does not track real life location change. It lets you use your play area, it tracks you ankle, knee and torso directions as well as relative positions.
Is it tiring?
Well, it depends on the user. Isn't it the purpose after all.
Jokes aside, you can use your controllers anytime. Your controllers, your thumb etc.
How does it work for compatibility with games ? Does it need a plugin for each game or is it supported by default?
WalkOVR supports native VR games by default. You need to install WalkOVR drivers for once.
Quest support?
Quest compatilbity is via SteamVR streaming to Quest through wifi connectivity and depends on third party applications and their performance. We are planning to provide a how to video for that. Unfortunately Quest is a standalone headset that doesn't work with SteamVR.
Next gen need full wireless.
Making WalkOVR fully wireless is totally achievable, but we are all gamers and we know how we all think as gamers. Making them wireless will not only increase the cost of the product but also potentially decrease the real time functionality of WalkOVR and decrease the user experience of fellow gamers due to charging all nodes separately etc.
However we are working on a simplified product which we'll convert one of WalkOVRs earlier samples. That version works like a step counter and works only for locomotion purpose. It won't be expandable, it won't be available for future motion capture possibilities.
Setup is too long?
First time setup of WalkOVR takes approximately 2 minutes. After you get used to what to do this gets down to 1 minute. We even don't unplug the nodes from Velcros and we are so used to that we wear WalkOVR approximately in 30 seconds. 
Ability to kick would be nice
Well, maybe ­čÖé but we don't promote or support any violation, you know...
What functions are available with this hardware?
WalkOVR provides a walk/run in place functionality as well as wearable game controlling, for almost any locomotion enabled VR game and for almost any VR headset in the market, including PSVR or Gear VR or even Cardboard.
Plus, we will bring body tracking functionality to WalkOVR in future updates.
More than that you can add multiple nodes to extend full body motion capture functionality to 10 - 24 nodes on your body.
It is developed as a device that you buy today but use for life time.

Any way to add battery pack?
If you are good to play continuously more than 3 hours, which means you are awesome, you can plug any battery pack / power bank while using WalkOVR. You can charge and use WalkOVR at the same time.
But really, congratulations if you are an individual that plays continuously for such a long time.

A lot of solutions exist for this?
Well, there are many solutions for motion in VR. From a few bucks software or wireless step counters to tens of thousands of dollars treadmills, even the DIY solutions. But comparing different solutions is, as we always say, comparing the apple and the orange.
Wearable solutions and motion tracking is generally more precise and user-friendly. However, without additional hardware, you may be able to move in game by shaking your head or waving your arms, however such simple solutions may cause unintentional movements while you just turning around yourself.
Ask for a real, uncovered, unmodified, uncut gameplay videos from the developers of such solutions. Ask for 5-10 minutes long gameplay videos like the one we provide.

Got a video on how it works?
Please check our games page here  for many videos and the list of verified games.
What is your current status?
WalkOVR is currently available to order, and shipped in 3 business days.
How much can we walk in Skyrim?
Skyrim's real life projection of playable area is actually 4,25 miles to 3,36 miles.
This actually means you can walk 5,42 miles diagonally through Tamriel.
With a regular day walk this should take 105 minutes of walking and that is approximately 479 calories burned for a standard male.
Cool isn't it?