Doom VFR Gameplay with WalkOVR

Doom VFR is the modern VR version of the pioneer first-person shooter Doom. Doom VFR provides fast-paced, brutal gameplay to first-person shooter fans in VR gaming. You can enjoy the immersive experience in the UAC facility on Mars and Hell. You can physically interact with the DOOM universe. You can explore all-new UAC Martian research facility areas and discover the unique abilities of a cybernetic UAC security operative.

Doom VFR supports three type of locomotion, including teleportation and jet-strafe movement. WalkOVR provides smooth locomotion while you are playing Doom VFR but doesn't prevent other locomotion modes. You can still use different locomotion types whenever you need in your fight with the demons.

WalkOVR is the most compatible locomotion solution, specifically designed for  VR. The built-in motion capture algorithms track gamers’ body movements and transform them into virtual reality.

With WalkOVR, you’re able to physically move in digital games and environments. You can walk in VR, you can run in VR, you can bend or even strafe in VR. All of your movements are reflected in your game.

Let's strap your WalkOVR on, and have the ultimate Doom VFR experience!

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