WalkOVR Ankle Straps


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WalkOVR uses elastic straps with velcros on, so our users wrap ankle straps on their ankle and stick two ends to each other. Then you can put WalkOVR nodes on your legs.


The Default Length of ankle straps is 12 inches (~30 cm).

To use these straps minimum circumference of your ankle should be 8 inches (~20 cm).

On the other hand, thanks to its elastic nature, it can stretch up to 20 inches (~52 cm), using it that stretched is not recommended.

Our recommended* maximum circumference of your ankle to use ankle straps is 16 inches (~40 cm).


If your ankle circumference is lower than 8 inches please contact us, you may need a custom design strap to properly use WalkOVR.

If your ankle circumference is longer than 16 inches, you may consider ordering WalkOVR Knee Straps for a more comfortable gameplay.


*WalkOVR does not take any responsibility for any kind of misuse of our product, please discontinue using our products if you experience any health problems such as pain, etc.