Release Notes

OVR Portal


  • New Menu Bar is added at top
  • Statistics integration for game profiles
  • Minor bugs fixed


  •  System logging has been included for better and quicker fixes
  •  Feedback form has been included
  •  Auto Connecting when connection lost
  •  Analog Walking and Treadmill Walking options have been updated with additional features
  •  Installation is now available without SteamVR
  •  Some bugs fixed


  • FW v.9xx compatibility included
  • Calorie measurements improved
  • Calibrate with button included so you don't need to turn off/on WalkOVR to calibrate, any more
  • Bacward deadzone included to seperate from strafe directions
  • Treadmill walking and Strafing with legs implemented


  • Oculus Quest can be used to play with WalkOVR now, via Virtual Desktop & ALVR, fully wireless
  • Index users are able to play with WalkOVR after SteamVR button mapping
  • Energy calculations improved
  • Login/Account Creation & Password renewal issues fixed
  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Some core functionalities improved
  • Right/Left Hand Usage selection is included
  • Simplified Analog walking (aka speed differentiation) feature applied
  • Energy counter applied with or without WalkOVR, now you can monitor how much calories you burn during your VR experience, no matter if you use WalkOVR or not
  • Some minor bugs fixed


  • First game profile is applied for Half Life Alyx, so our users may play Half Life without re-mapping any buttons (you still need to change movement style into smooth locomotion rather than teleport
  • some minor bugs fixed


  • Most of the core functionalities restructured
  • Connectivity problems mostly solved
  • Headset selection included
  • Login problems fixed
  • Improved Firmware Update
  • Power indicator and Connection indicator included
  • WalkOVR doesn't need steamVR to be on anymore

Earlier versions not included due to structural changes made in Q1 2020

Device Firmware
  • Algorithms and filters used to track user motion is improved and hence way more precise body tracking applied
  • communication protocol has been upgraded to dynamic communication which eventually increased connection stability and increased the bluetooth range approximately x1.5 times
  • decoupling functions integrated
  • treadmill and leg strafing features added


  • Crouching improved
  • FW update transmission improved
  • Minor fixes