VR & Gaming Can Help More

The World is shaking and we are all having hard times.

Quarantines, Curfews, State of Emergencies happening around the globe, and this is real, not some scenes from blockbuster movies.

However, it is not all sadness. We see cured patients every day everywhere; Full of people in a neighborhood, dancing and singing in their balconies to spread the positiveness; Millions of citizens applauding and cheering, every day at a specific time, for healthcare professionals to share their love and gratitude.

While humanity tries to do whatever it takes to fight against this global pandemic we also wanted to do our share and create a page as an initiative to support the industry professionals of gaming and virtual reality while we are all having hard times.

As of March 2020, we aim to support content creators & developers in VR & gaming as much as we can.

So far we plan to share their work here on this page and through our newsletters; we also plan to share some important news to spread the collaboration for fighting against the pandemic. We even reserved a limited budget to support creators since many creators may start to feel financial pressure.

We think we can all do more, VR and Gaming can do more to ease the current situations that we all have to face. We appreciate your support by sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us.

What else can we do? How shall we support the cure of this global pandemic? Who and what do you want us to show on this page? How can we ease the whole situation through VR and gaming. Please write here and share your thoughts.